Nod away at him, Mr. Pip; that's what he likes.

the-aged-p returns

Recumbent tadpole trike: ICE Adventure FS Y03591

Why buy a trike at my age?
They say it's never too late to start some exercise. I have not cycled or otherwise exerted myself since the 1950s when I used to save the 3d bus fares to and from school.

Why a tricycle and not a bicycle?
It doesn't fall over when you stop, so neither do I, even on the steepest climb. It's ergonomically efficient and comfortable - we're designed for chairs, not saddles.

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.”
(Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.)

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Ground covered so far this year

I survived the 40 miles of the April 2014 Newmarket Sportive ('Flat' !)

and the 54 miles of the October 2014 New Forest Sportive ('Short' !)

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